4 Brain Science Resources Every Presenter Must Reference

Bookmark these, save them to your device, or print them out on old-fashioned paper so that you can reference the genius insights revealed in the following resources.

1. Takeaways & Quotes from Dr. John Medina’s Brain Rules

brain rules

An explosion of slide design awesomeness from slide guru Garr Reynolds combined with the mind-blowing “brain rules” of Dr. John Medina make this 131 slide deck a must-see. You’ll be coming back and using it time and time again for all the goodness contained right here.

Garr Reynolds via SlideShare.com

2. The Science of Memorable Presentations


The slide design experts over at Ethos 3 pulled together a few excellent tips for creating memorable presentations. And by the way—their SlideShare deck for this looks pretty dang sweet.

Ethos 3 via SlideShare.com

3. The Science of Storytelling


Presentations (and slide decks) are just one form of content marketing. The folks over at OneSpot, a content marketing software platform, highlight some fascinating facts about the science behind storytelling. These insights might help your message cut through the clutter.

OneSpot via OneSpot.com

4. The Neuroscience Of Storytelling (For Presentations)

nero story

Curious to see what your brain looks like on data? I thought so! Ethos 3 has another super sweet infographic here that uncovers evidence for why you should tell stories (that support data) during presentations and how to do so.

Ethos 3 via SlideShare.com


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