A Cure for the Common Presentation: Dr. Russell Mumper’s Experience

Would you like to learn how to stop force feeding your audience too much content and actually get them take action on your message?

Then keep reading to find out how Dr. Russell Mumper, Vice Dean of the Eshelman School of Pharmacy at UNC Chapel Hill, applied a teaching model called the Flipped Classroom and made a massive impact on his students.

This information directly applies to ANYONE who speaks before an audience of any size.

“Active Learning” Context

Take 2 minutes to first watch this video that provides a bit of context…

The Flipped Classroom Infographic

So now you might be wondering, “How does this flipped classroom approach apply to me”?

Before we answer that—the good folks over at Echo360.com put together an infographic that illustrates the steps Dr. Mumper took to flip his classroom along with the remarkable results he achieved. Check it out…

UNC Chapel Hill_The Flip Side 91013

via VelvetChainsaw.com

The Cure for the Common Presentation?

Hopefully, you’ve been able to get a sense for how you (as a professional communicator) can utilize these concepts to take the boredom out of your content when presenting. But just in case you’re missing it, let me connect the dots…

1. Don’t just talk at (lecture) your audience.

2. Engage them with questions that get their wheels spinning.

3. Give people the opportunity to think through the information you’ve shared.

4. They want to be able to apply what you’re giving them. If they don’t get that from you, they begin to zone out. Think WIIFM – What’s In It For Me?


In what manner do you see yourself applying this concept of a “flipped classroom” in your presentations? Share your answer on Twitter or Facebook.


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