Engaging slide decks with just a little effort on your part

You know that creating powerful presentations takes up time and energy. That’s why the team at SlideBot built a tool that handles this process.

Automagic Presentation Decks

Ned Jamieson from SlideBot reached out to me a couple weeks back and shared info on this really cool new tool. After seeing it—I have to admit that I was impressed.

Within seconds of providing the text you want included in your slide deck, SlideBot automatically designs for you a beautiful and unique presentation.

Each slide is specifically tailored to your content and you are able to present it, edit it and export it right away. I highly recommend you check out the 90 second video demo here.

Get Slide Deck Help

SlideBot is a time-saver and definitely worth investigating if it is ideal for your needs.

You can also learn more about simple slide design in my post titled Two Simple Steps To Designing Slides If You Don’t Know The First Thing About Design


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