How I Easily Crop Gorgeous Photos For Slide Presentations

Recently, I wrote about two simple steps to designing slides if you’re not a designer. Afterwards, the post prompted subsequent questions and I received one particular email from a reader asking about the easiest and quickest way to crop photos to use in slide presentations.

Here’s what I shared with them…

The Magic Monkey

Sure, you could use Photoshop or a slew of other photo editing tools out there—but you’re a busy professional communicator. You don’t have time to mess around and you certainly don’t have time to learn software that is honestly pretty complex.

The secret tool I use is the hilariously named They have a free trial and if you like it—the cost is only $5/month after the first 30 days.

How to Crop With PicMonkey

Now I told you it was EASY, so here’s the good folks at PicMonkey demonstrating how to do just that (plus a couple other basic photo editing tips).


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