How To Present It So They Learn It: Insights From Sharon Bowman

You have a mountain of content to share in a small window of time. So how can you maximize your presentation? How can you get the essential points across to your audience with concise clarity?

It’s a HUGE challenge, but Human Learning Expert Sharon Bowman will show you how to present content so your audience can learn, remember, and act on what you share.

Checkout the SlideShare Sharon put together…

The “Need-To-Knows”

  • You don’t have to share EVERYTHING on your particular topic. Only deliver the absolute essentials that will drive the audience to take action on your message.
  • So-called Learner Objectives help focus your need-to-knows.
  • Ask yourself, “What content will audience members need to know in order to meet these objectives”.

Your Action Plan

In order to make these need-to-knows stick in your audience’s minds—break your content into 10 minute segments. Then use 1-minute active review exercises in between those segments.


What are the need-to-knows you should be focusing on when preparing your content? Share your answer on Twitter or Facebook.


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