Learn How to Avoid the Zombie Zone When Presenting: Jeff Hurt Tells You How

Audiences at most events and conferences are roaming the halls like the Walking Dead without understanding what has happened or why. This is a fact that so many of us have simply accepted. Jeff Hurt from Velvet Chainsaw Consulting throws down a challenge to presenters to combat this epidemic.

Are you ready to rise to the occasion?

Watch Jeff’s YouTube presentation…

The Big Takeaways

While this video is geared towards conference organizers, presenters like yourself can learn some worthwhile insights from the information Jeff shares.

Namely the following:

  • Audience members become zombie learners because they’re never given the opportunity to think or actively participant in the information being delivered to them.
  • When the focus is on the expert (that’s you!), audiences aren’t able to learn from the expert through a dump of information. Think about that.
  • This so-called conference Zombism can be avoided by creating an environment that doesn’t offer surface knowledge, but provides critical thinking moments for audiences to actually learn from what is presented.


What can you do or what have you done to avoid the Zombie Zone when presenting? Share your answer on Twitter or Facebook.


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