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If you’re anything like many of my readers—you’re a busy professional, executive, entrepreneur, or a teacher in some shape or form. You’re committed to making incremental improvements to your speaking and communication skills in order to influence and persuade audiences.


However, roadblocks keep popping up that sidetrack your progress and ability to make big jumps that advance your effort. Maybe you even feel like this reader who sent me an email:

I feel fairly confident when speaking before people, but just don’t believe my message is connecting. There isn’t much time to ever really prepare. I’m usually just slapping content together, which obviously isn’t ideal.

One or More of These Sound Familiar?

  • I feel wooden and stiff when speaking to audiences—not really myself.
  • I know I should avoid Death By Bulletpoint, but don’t know how.
  • I usually just wing presentations, which often seem to lack focus and clarity.
  • I’m easy in front of people, yet truly captivating them seems elusive.

The good news is that you’re not all by yourself. Most of us have struggled with at least one of these.

I’ve Been There

I know what it’s like wanting to improve your confidence and delivery, but feeling intimidated by the daunting nature of the journey. In fact, I vividly recall once standing on stage, looking at hundreds of faces starring back at me, thinking, “What am I doing?”

Fortunately, I had mentors teach me the art and craft of commanding a stage while holding audience attention. I didn’t have to do it alone—and neither do you.


My Intention

With this blog my goal is to help communicators like yourself understand how people become enthralled with your message and content. I intend to equip, empower, and prepare you with practical knowledge and tools that captivate audiences big or small.

If you’re new to my site, here are a few great posts I think you’ll find useful to get started:

To Be Fair…

I come from a performance background. You may think that has given me a certain unfair advantage. I see it as the thing that enables me to teach communicators like yourself.

Now despite my training, everything changed when I encountered the latest brain science behind audience attention—I went from an engaging and interesting speaker to someone that transformed lives.

There was no longer this mysterious art that had been taught to me by other skilled performers—rather, I learned a practical process that can be understood and used by anyone who speaks before audiences big or small. This discovery is something to be shared.

I am eager to pass this knowledge along to you.


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