The Brain Science Behind The Art Of Pitching With Oren Klaff

Not too long ago, I caught up with an old friend who was getting ready to give a 5 minute pitch for her business to receive funding. It is pretty clear there’s a distinct difference between giving an educational talk versus a solicitation for investment capital.

That said, there are similarities when you look at the brain science. I know no one better than Oren Klaff, author of Pitch Anything, to share details and insights on this topic with you.

Here’s just a tiny bit of what Oren has to say about understanding the brain when you give a pitch…

The Crocodile Brain

Key Takeaways

• You must understand how the brain works—not the mind. The key being a fundamental difference between the two at a biological level.

• The Crocodile Brain (primitive brain) evaluates everything on three survival criteria—should I eat it, kill it, or mate with it?

• It wants things fast, summarized, and high contrast (safe/not safe, good/evil, hot/cold) in a visual narrative format.

• If you can’t deliver your message in this manner—the Crocodile Brain filters out the info and ignores what you’re communicating.

• The Crocodile Brain also filters out things it identifies as familiar. However, it looks for and pays attention to novelty or danger.

Want More?

Check out the full 1 hour and 44 minute video with Oren here.


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