Two Simple Steps to Designing Slides If You Don’t Know The First Thing About Design

As a marketing executive and entrepreneur, I’ve put together my fair share of slide decks. These two tips come from a dozen or so things I’ve learned over the years about stunning slide creation. And, I created these quick, easy, practical, and actionable pointers just for you.

While I’m not a designer per say, I did co-found a design and marketing studio with two amazingly talented designers and their know-how rubbed off on me. Plus, I’ve taken a few design courses and studied the science behind these tips.

1. Ditch the Template

Don’t you dare use a template that came with your software! Don’t be tempted to purchase one of those fancy stock templates either. They’re too restricting and won’t reflect your personality. Trust me, you can do this.

Templates make things visually dull. Use a clean slate to start.

Clean Slate

For more tips that will help you build something from this blank canvas, grab my free ebook 12 Simple Steps to Stunning Slides: A Guide For Non-Designers Based On Brain Science Research.

2. Try Basic Shapes

Using circles, squares, rectangles and triangles might sound scary—but they’re simple visuals that can call attention to important content. Have a numbered list? Try placing a square behind each number. You have easy access to these shapes in your presentation software of choice.

You can see the simple underlying shapes for each of these example slides below…



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