Two Tips For Captivating Millennials During Your Presentation

Alittle more than a year ago, after speaking at an association conference, I was able to grab lunch at Jack’s Bar-B-Que joint in downtown Nashville with Scott Schwertly. Scott is one of the savviest presentation experts I know and am always impressed with what he has to share. Last week was no exception, when he shared two tips for captivating millennials.

Scott was also a past guest on my What The Speak podcast (episode 14).

Preparing For a Millennial Audience

You’ve probably noticed that your audience has slowly been shifting over the years. You may have even struggled with this change, unsure how to connect with the changing demographic. No worries—Scott Schwertly from Ethos3 provides two insightful tips to help you out.

Tip #1: Teamwork
Millennials identify with teams and/or groups—therefore setup your presentations with opportunities for teamwork. Incorporate exercises, interaction, and feedback.

Tip #2: Heroism
Millennials are all about serving the greater good. Are there ways you can present your material in light of how it is impacting the greater good in some shape or form?


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