Why Your Audience Gets Content Amnesia: Dr. Carmen Simon Explains

You’ve got a real problem. Audiences are going to forget what you present to them. But Carmen Simon, a cognitive scientist, is about to explain how memory works so you can craft a memorable presentation.

Embolden by this newfound knowledge you’ll now be able to make it impossible to forget your message.

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Here’s What I Think

If a presentation isn’t memorable, we’re not going to learn. In order to take action, we must learn. See the dilemma? For example:

  • The speaker who’s deep knowledge of productivity won’t be able to open the eyes of 1000 executives in a keynote session if the content isn’t memorable and easy to implement.
  • The subject matter expert who shares cases studies, each with stats and an analysis, can’t help session attendees if there’s nothing to hook them besides boring facts and figures.
  • The sales executive who’s standing before a small group of prospects cannot convince them of their opportunity if the solution being sold doesn’t snap them out of present reality and reveal a better future that awaits.

Take The Advice

Take Carmen Simon’s advice, call attention to what’s most important and enable participants to fully process your content. As a communicator, you must to grasp this concept. Or, ignore it at your own peril.


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